Crafting Boxes

Crafting Boxes

WWII Weapon Boxes #

Modern Weapon Boxes #

MPack Weapon Box #

  • You need polymer to craft Guns from that Box

To get a weaponbox from the MPack You need first to craft a Decal Box.

Guns are assorted by country, so make a country flag decal of the country you’d like to have guns from. Here is a picture of the inside of the decal box. Decals require string and dyes to create, as illustrated below.

Once you have made a decal, you can now start gathering resources for a gunbox. Every gunbox requires one decal (of the corresponding country), seven wooden planks (oak) and one iron ingot. The recipe for a box is shown below:

The actual gun crafting system is standard to Flans Mod; however, the ammo crafting system has been re-imagined. You can still craft magazines under the gun, but instead of loading gunpowder into the magazine, you load bullets. To make these bullets, simply craft the green box below the magazine in the gunbox, and then put it into a crafting table. The outcome will be bullets of that corresponding gun’s cartridge. From there, you go back into the gunbox, and craft the magazine using the magazine material (usually iron or polymer) and the amount of bullets of said cartridge in the magazine.

Armour WWII #

Ammunition and Armour MPack #

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