How to get Resourcepoints?

How to get Resourcepoints?

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You can get Ressourpoints in diffrent ways.

  • Invade other teams
  • Exchange money in resourcepoints
  • Sell Items

Invade other teams:

Normal lands: When you invade a other Teams land you will recive the land as reward.

Nexus land: When you invade a other teams Nexusland an kill the gurdian u will recive all theyre ressourcepoints.


Exchange money in resourcepoints:

The exchange rate is 2:1
If you want 5000 resource points, you pay 2500 $
If you want 10,000 resourcepoints, you pay $ 5,000

Sell Ressources

You can sell all Vanilla Mincraft Items. Stuff like Guns, Grenades can´t be sold

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