Structures are stationary blocks that provide different functions in kingdoms.
Each land can only have one single structure. Kingdom and nation nexus is also considered a structure. Having multiple structures (for certain structures only) is a planned feature.

  • Nexus: The most important thing in your kingdom that must be protected. Unlike other structures, nexus structures don’t drop an item when they’re broken. They’ll be also removed automatically once the land is invaded. You can manage your nexus using (/k nexus).
  • Powercell: Protects 3×3 lands around the powercell land. Which means invaders will have to invade powercell lands before invading the 3×3 lands around them (if they’re claimed).
    • If the land is surrounded by walls, check if the kingdom has anti-explosion misc upgrade.
    • Check if the land has caves surrounding it so you can invade underground.
  • Extractor: Produces resource points over time with a maximum capacity.
  • Outpost: Buy different items using resource points and access your nexus remotely.
  • Warp Pad: Teleport to all the different structures in your kingdom. Each warp pad also has a name that appears inside the GUI for teleporting to other Warp Pads and above the hologram.
  • Siege Cannon: Cannons that can break kingdom shields and other blocks once a kingdom’s shield has been destroyed. These cannons require ammo that are loaded by putting an iron block in the structure’s GUI. Then players must sit on the cannon thru the GUI and then they are able to shoot by adjusting the cannon’s tube and left-clicking. You can also right-click anywhere while sitting on a cannon to open the structure’s GUI for convenience. The cannon will tell you about the situation of the land that the it hit. Hitting anywhere in a land that belongs to a kingdom will reduce that kingdom’s shield by 10mins. Cannons have a 10 second cooldown.
    Once a kingdom’s shield has been destroyed, shooting the land of that kingdom can destroy its turrets and structures even with anti-explosion misc-upgrade, however these cannons cannot break powercells and nexus structures. These cannons are also intentionally effective for friendly lands. Meaning that you could destroy your own land.

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