What is Heroes?

What is Heroes?

“Heroes” is a game mode in which you create or join teams (kingdoms). The survival aspect is particularly important here. On the “Heroes” server you have to acquire the raw materials yourself in order to be able to manufacture weapons and tools.

As soon as you have your own team or have joined one since you can claim the land. But you also have to defend it against enemies. Even if you are not on a team, you can build anywhere where no area has already been assigned to a team. However, your buildings can be destroyed by all other players / teams. In order to secure your buildings against destruction, it is advisable to join a team which will then occupy the area you have built.

To see where you are, which areas are still free or already occupied and where other players are, just look at the map. You can find them on the internet.


Since everyone also needs their own personal area, it is possible to take everything you have worked out with you on a property. (Called: “Plots”) This is a separate server on which each player can get a plot of land. On this you can build anything you want. Your inventory will always be transferred. So that you can secure your most powerful weapons and equipment. So no one can take it from you.

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