What is Nations?

What is Nations?

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Nations #

A nation is a group of teams that share the same relation attributes. They’re made as a replacement for teams relations, however having a relation with another team outside of the nation is still possible. Nations are quite similar to teamsexcept they don’t have any upgrades. The team that created the nation, is called the capital. The king of the capital is the king of the nation.
Nation taxes are collected after player taxes are collected for each team. If a nation cannot pay the taxes after it collected the taxes from each kingdom, it’ll be disbanded.

Benefits of joining a nation:

  • Increased max lands.
  • When a kingdom that is in a nation gets invaded, the capital kingdom champion will spawn.
  • Get notified when a kingdom that is a member of your nation gets invaded.
  • Nation shield can be used for all the kingdoms.
  • Nation Chat
  • Nation Ranks
  • Nation Zones


  • If your nation doesn’t have a shield, players can invade any of the member kingdoms even if they have an active shield individually.
  • Nation pacifism state is forced for kingdoms.
  • When the capital champion is weaker than your kingdom.

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