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Minecraft Server Regeln

Server rules

It is logical that disputes can arise with the individual characters on our server. In order to create a respectful, open and friendly atmosphere for every user, we have written this set of rules for you.

Basic regulations

  • When you enter our server, you automatically agree to our server rules.
  • The TZ-Gaming Netzwerk set of rules takes precedence over any other area set of rules.
  • If these rules are not adhered to, the TZ-Gaming server team can refer you to the server.
  • We also reserve the right to change the rules at any time, as the conditions change over time. We therefore ask you to stop by here regularly.
  • The same saying applies on our server as in the German constitutional state: "Ignorance does not protect against punishment."
  • You can always look for help in-game with / pe new (your problem or question).


§ 1 Code of Conduct


Insults in any form against fellow players / outsiders / the server or other participants are strictly prohibited. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect and courtesy.


Spam & Caps

Repeating one or more identical or similar wording within a short period of time is prohibited. Please use the forum for advertising or large trade inquiries.

Capital letters (caps) in chat are also prohibited.


Forms of expression

Radicalism, National Socialist or sexual content, as well as statements that are harmful to minors are not permitted and may result in a complaint.



Any form of third-party advertising within and outside of the "TZ-Gaming" project is prohibited.


Threat & provocation

Threats in any form are prohibited, and malicious provocations in public chat can also result in a penalty.



We do not allow griefing. Griefing includes, for example:

  • The deposit of lava or water on someone else's property
  • Destroying foreign structures
  • Building entrances
  • Defacing the landscape
  • Any kind of theft
  • Killing strange animals.

Unless the game mode allows otherwise.

§2 rights

Appealability of the penalty & right to be heard

If a member perceives the punishment as inappropriate, he has the right to submit a factual request for mitigation or lifting of the punishment in the forum at In this application, a solution is then sought together with the user and the situation is checked. This right also exists when committing a criminal offense, in which case a team member makes an objective decision on the application for a ban.

Domiciliary right

Every player has the right to protect his house rights and his privacy. Access to a home must come with owner approval. The team has the right to intervene in house rules if there is a valid reason.


§3 client modification (mods)


Any modifications of the client that give the player an advantage over other players are strictly prohibited, as otherwise fairness towards players who do not play with such modifications can no longer be guaranteed. Unauthorized modifications are for example X-Ray (also X-Ray Resourcepacks), any hacked clients, Worlddownloader, Autoklicker or similar.

Only the mods provided by the server network may & must be used.


§4 Further regulations

Player names

The use of misleading, offensive or offensive names is prohibited and will result in a penalty.



Any form of bugs and their exploitation are strictly prohibited. If you discover a bug, you should report it to the team.


Minecraft skins

Morally reprehensible and offensive Minecraft skins that violate the code of conduct are prohibited.


Avoiding Penalties

Anyone who is of the opinion that an already existing penalty with a second account will be punished more severely on the one hand and the second account will also be penalized on the other.


Account responsibility

Everyone is responsible for their own account. Therefore, a penalty is also imposed if a second person besides the owner commits a violation of the rules.


Set of rules

The administration reserves the right to change and amend these rules at any time

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